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I am a painter, writer, curator and professor of art based in Southern California and have been writing about art and artists for over 15 years. Most of the blogs on this site originally appeared on the HuffingtonPost between May of 2010 and the present. I have also blogged for the Brooklyn-based blogazine Hyperallergic.com and curated issues of Poets and Artists. 

My writing has appeared in magazines including Arts of Asia, Art Ltd., Catamaran, Harvard Magazine and International Artist. 

Recently I have been making satirical digital mashups (mashterpieces) that I share on Facebook and Instagram.

I most often write about contemporary American painting and am also knowledgeable about and interested in Bay Area Figurative art and 19th and 20th century Southeast Asian painting.

The interview linked below will help you get to know a bit about me. 

Interview for iArtistas (download pdf)

You can learn more about the professional writing services I offer by visiting www.artexplainers.com

Contact Information: johnseed@gmail.com

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