Honoring the Legacy of David Park
University of Santa Clara, April 3-28, 2017

Poets and Artists Group Show at Arcadia Contemporary
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 2 from 6 to 8 PM
Exhibition: December 2 - 13, 2017


Jamie Adams

Erin Anderson

Bo Bartlett

Margaret Bowland

Aleah Chapin

Carl Dobsky

Michelle Doll

Anne Harris

F. Scott Hess

Jason John

David Jon Kassan

Daniel Maidman

Susannah Martin

Dan McCleary

Kimberly Merrill

Ricky Mujica

Elizabeth Claire Ospina

Serena Potter

Lee Price

Nadine Robbins

Irvin Rodriguez

Bradford J. Salamon

Victoria Selbach

Betty Shelton

Cynthia Sitton

Jon Swihart

Michael Van Zeyl

Nick Ward

Stephen Wright

Conor Walton

Peter Zokosky

Disrupted Realism
The Stanek Gallery, Philadelphia
Opening Reception Jan 5, 2018
Exhibition: Jan 4, 2018 through Feb 24, 2018

Alex Kanevsky
Kai Samuels Davis
Bruce Samuelson
Justin Bower
Nicolas V. Sanchez
Anne Harris
Radu Belcin
Daniel Ochoa
Catherine Kehoe
Stephanie Pierce
Robert Bermelin
Stanka Kordic
Valerio D'Ospina
Lou Ros
Justin Duffus
James Bland

In the past few decades realism in painting has been making a comeback. As traditional skills have returned—largely through the efforts of a handful of academies and a growing number of ateliers—a number of leading artists in the U.S. and Europe have been inspired to challenge the rigor of their realist practice by disrupting their imagery. The reasons for these experiments are often personal and represent responses to a variety of trends. Alex Kanevsky, for example, disrupts his brushwork to add a sense of ambiguity to his work. While Anne Gale, another leading figure, is a perceptual painter who slows down and emphasizes the act of seeing through her use of touches of paint. And London-based Justin Mortimer uses digital collages as source materials that help mix up and  concentrate the narratives of his intensely disturbing paintings. 

Disrupted Realism, a group exhibition being organizer by writer/curator John Seed for Stanek Gallery, will feature a selection of contemporary painters who have taken disruption to a high level of expressiveness. This exhibition will be the first time that disruption is set apart from other trends and framed as a distinctive movement that deserves further examination. A catalog is planned, along with an essay by John Seed that will assess the place of disruption in the greater context of Modern and Postmodern art. 


  1. Putting it in my calendar as I am so very excited to see this show - the roster could have come from a section of my favorite contemporary painters list. I hope Ann Gale and Edwige Fouvry commit and do show with the others. 👍👍

  2. Paul, sad news: I won't have Ann Gale in the show... so I need to edit the list. But still, it should be wonderful.