Ten Paintings by Jim Doolin

 Cross Roads, 1999
 Bus Stop, 1998
 Shopping Mall, 1973-74
 Erosion, 1982
 4WD, 1983
 Last Painter on Earth
 City of Glass, 1990
 Casino Zombies, 1991
 Psychic, 1998
The Flow, 2002
Images courtesy of the Estate of Jim Doolin and Koplin Del Rio Gallery

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  1. I was lucky to take a drawing class with Jim one summer at Otis Art Institute. some of my favorite big drawings came from that class. We practised using isometric perspective and I swear it helped me understand space better! Sorry to hear he passed, but I really enjoy seeing his works beyond the Santa Monica mall painting, which he was completing when I knew him. And I lived in Santa Monica at that time, too. Thanks for making a tribute to Jim! Much appreciated.