An Ode to the Broad


An Ode to the Broad

Oh, blue dog of Koons,
Glistering party favor,
Imposing poodle of steel balloons,
In your cheese-grater Doge's Palace, you reign Alpha

Children glimpse themselves on your stainless skin,
Multiplied, fun-housed, transmogrified,
Eli and Edye's momentary grandchildren,
They wish to touch you, but instead snap selfies

Your Diller Scofidio and Renfro bow-wow haus
The best that money can buy
Folds treasure into veils and vaults
And offers forty-five second glimpses, of LED infinity

Piles of Murakami skulls,
A silly Currin tailor in hot pants,
A looming table with a dark, beckoning underside,
The traffic has exhausted, but these things soothe

Oh, Broad on Grand Avenue,
Palazzo of industrial strength art,
Your older sister MOCA is jealous of you,
You are truly beautiful, even better than expected