PRESS RELEASE: "Disrupted Realism" at the Stanek Gallery, Philadelphia, curated by John Seed

PHILADELPHIA, November 16, 2017 – Stanek Gallery is set to spotlight world leaders of disrupted realism, a contemporary painting movement, in upcoming winter exhibition. The group exhibition titled, “Disrupted Realism” is being organized by writer and curator, John Seed, and will feature a selection of 16 international contemporary painters who have taken disruption to a high level of expressiveness. “Disrupted Realism” will be on view to the public January 5 to February 24, 2018 at the Old City-based gallery.

“In the past few decades, realism in painting has made a comeback. As traditional skills return, a number of artists in the U.S. and Europe have been inspired to challenge the rigor of their realist practice by disrupting their imagery,” adds Seed. “This exhibition will be the first time that disruption is set apart from other trends in modern art and framed as a distinctive movement that deserves further examination.”

Sixteen artists from across the world will be brought together by Stanek Gallery. Philadelphia-based painter Alex Kanevsky, recognized world leader of this movement, will exhibit alongside his teacher and Stanek Gallery artist, Bruce Samuelson, spotlighting the importance of Philadelphia artists and institutions on a world stage. Another Stanek Gallery artist, Valerio D’Ospina is among the Philadelphia-based artists with international presence that will also be featured in the upcoming exhibition. Along with Kanevsky, Samuelson, and D’Ospina, “Disrupted Realism” will include:
    Justin Duffus
·      Anne Harris
·      Catherine Kehoe
·      Daniel Ochoa
·      James Bland
·      Justin Bower
·      Kai Samuel-Davis
·      Lou Ros
·      Nicolas V. Sanchez
·      Radu Belcin
·      Robert Birmelin
·      Stanka Kordic
·      Stephanie Pierce

"Life emulates art and our world today has its own version of disrupted realism. This group of highly skilled artists is responding viscerally to the world around them and are producing high quality paintings that capture this feeling so profoundly that it resonates with all of us," says Katherine Stanek, Owner of Stanek Gallery. "We at Stanek Gallery recognize the relevance of what is happening in the world today, both technologically as well as artistically and where those two worlds converge.  This exhibition is an example of that insight."

Exhibition details for “Disrupted Realism”:
Public Opening Reception
First Friday January 5th, 5 - 9pm

Collector’s Preview
Thursday January 4th, 5 - 8pm

Stanek Gallery
242 N. 3rd St,
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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