Marie Cameron "Critical Masses, A Very Low Tide" at the New Museum of Los Gatos


"The central image of each of Marie Cameron’s Critical Masses is a midden: a refuse dump that

has resulted from human occupation and consumption. It has taken more than a decade for

Cameron to create this suite of works, and the first question viewers may ask when

encountering them is this: “What is the story behind this pile of debris?” Each work yields a

specific narrative when inspected, while the series, seen as a whole, offers up a broader

environmental warning rooted in the artist’s lifelong passions. Cameron’s interest in marine

ecosystems goes back to her childhood and early life in Nova Scotia, where she explored

rugged beaches and philosophized. Among the things she recognized is this: the ocean is an

intersection and at low tide it reveals itself. Cameron understood that stories told by shoreline

debris can be directly and profoundly connected to human presence and its impact. This

realization is central to the origins of her Critical Masses." - John Seed

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