Artists who have appeared in profiles, reviews and interviews in my blog 2010-2014

Eduardo Alvarado:

Eduardo Alvarado at Galerie d'art Anne Broitman Biarritz

Eve Ascheim:

Eve Aschheim: "Recent Paintings" at New York Studio School

William Bailey:

Skill and Subtlety: A Conversation With William Bailey

Bo Bartlett:

Bo Bartlett: "Love and Other Sacraments" at Dowling Walsh Gallery

Jean-Michel Basquiat:

Driving Mr. Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat: 80 Percent Anger and 20 Percent Mystery

Jean-Michel Basquiat: A Reply to Robert Hughes

Edith Beaucage:

Edith Beaucage: "hurluburlu" at CB1 Gallery

Christopher Benson:

Christopher Benson: 'INSIDE AND OUT' at Paul Thiebaud Gallery

Suhas Bhujbal:

Suhas Bhujbal: Peace and Quiet

Sandow Birk:

Don't Fear These Oil Rigs: They Are Just Works of Art

Margaret Bowland:

Margaret Bowland: They Say it's Wonderful

Lisa Breslow:

Seven Questions for Painter Lisa Breslow

John Brosio:

 John Brosio: Tornadoes, Twisters and a Jerk in a Road

Joan Brown:

Joan Brown (1938-1990): Towards Unexpected Joy

William Theophilus Brown:

Legacy in Continuum: Bay Area Figuration

Remembering William Theophilus Brown (1919-2012)

Fatemeh Burnes:

Fatemeh Burnes: Living in the Present:

Pedro Campos:

Pedro Campos: A Bright and Shining World

Bruce Cohen:

Bruce Cohen: A Hint of Something Else

Matthew Couper:

Matthew Couper: A Devotional Painter in Las Vegas

Gustave Courbet:

Courbet the Trout, Matisse the Goldfish

Dominic Cretara:

Dominic Cretara at the Triton Museum of Art

John Currin:

John Currin's Silly Porn-Inspired Portraits Somehow Work

Robert Davidson:

Robert Davidson: Abstract Impulse at the Seattle Art Museum

Eugene Delacroix:

In Santa Barbara: A Masterfully Presented Delacroix Exhibition

Robert De Niro Sr.

Robert De Niro Sr: Painter and Poet

Vincent Desiderio:

Vincent Desiderio: Painter and Theorist

Kelly Detweiler:

Kelly Detweiler at the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts

Richard Diebenkorn:

Appreciation: Richard Diebenkorn

A Visit with Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years, 1953-66

Saying Goodbye to Diebenkorn

Guy Diehl:

Guy Diehl: A Dialogue with Tradition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Grant Drumheller:

Grant Drumheller: New Paintings at Prince Street Gallery

James Doolin:

Remembering James Doolin (1932-2002)

Ten Paintings by Jim Doolin

Rob Evans:

Rob Evans: "Mystery and Metaphor"

Alan Feltus:

Alan Feltus at the Lux Art Institute

Eric Fischl:

Eric Fischl: From Bad Boy to Good Man

Edwige Fouvry:

Edwige Fouvry at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

John Frame:

John Frame: The Intuitive

Sam Francis:

Basel Mural I by Sam Francis: An Artist at the Height of his Powers

Joseph Goldyne:

Joseph Goldyne: Waterfalls

April Gornik:

April Gornik: Recent Paintings at Danese/Corey

Brenda Goodman:

Brenda Goodman: Paint Into Emotion

Philip Guston:

Mazurki: The Multiple Meanings of a Philip Guston Drawing

Kim Frohsin:

Kim Frohsin: Portraits of Numbers and The White Dahlia Series

Lawrence Gipe:

Lawrence Gipe "Salon" at Lora Schlesinger Gallery

Anne Harris:

Anne Harris: They Start With Me...

Anne Harris: "Phantasmatical: Self-Portraits" at Alexandre Gallery

Julie Heffernan:

"Boy, O Boy" at PPOW Chelsea

Julie Heffernan: "Sky is Falling"

Israel Hershberg:

Israel Hershberg: Fields of Vision

F. Scott Hess:

Feral Venus: F. Scott Hess and Giorgione

F. Scott Hess Paints a Portrait

F. Scott Hess: The Perfect Hess-Storm

Los Angeles Artist F. Scott Hess Walks the Tightrope

Damien Hirst:

When Appreciating Works of Art, Being There is Always Best

When Fame Replaces Art

Mark Innerst:

Mark Innerst at DC Moore Gallery

Keith Jacobshagen:

Keith Jacobshagen: A Golden Year

Mitchell Johnson:

Mitchell Johnson: "Are You Going With Me?"

Wolf Kahn:

Six Decades in Wolf Kahn's Landscape

Duane Keiser:

Duane Keiser: A Painting A Day

Mike Kelly:

Mike Kelley (1954-2012) and Thomas Kinkade (1958-2012) Have Gone Home

Thomas Kinkade:

Mike Kelley (1954-2012) and Thomas Kinkade (1958-2012) Have Gone Home

William Leavitt:

William Leavitt: The Peculiar, the Particular, the Familiar

David Lenz:

David Lenz: The Egalitarian Realist

David Ligare:

David Ligare at the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento

Frank Lobdell:

Frank Lobdell: "Nothing worth anything is easy."

Romualdo Locatelli:

Romualdo Locatelli: The Artist Who Disappeared

Minjung Kim:

Minjung Kim: Predestination

Leonard Koscianski:

Leonard Koscianski: Fierceness is Useful

Lucinda Luvaas:

Lucinda Luvaas: Loving the City from a Distance

Mari Lyons:

Mari Lyons: Every Object Rightly Seen

Sangram Majumdar:

A Conversation with Sangram Majumdar

Sam Maloof:

Sam Maloof: Surrounded by Friends

JeanPaul Mallozzi:

JeanPaul Mallozzi: Emotional States

Arman Manookian:

Arman Manookian: Fragile Paradise

Rare Manookian Paintings Removed from the Hotel Hana-Maui

The Other Armenian: Arman Manookian's Short Life and his Art

Henri Matisse:

Courbet the Trout, Matisse the Goldfish

Margaret McCann:

Margaret McCann: A Painter's Vision of Atlantic City

Dan McCleary:

Dan McCleary: The Mentor

Sarah McKenzie:

A Nation of Builders and of Artists

Michael C. McMillen

Michael C. McMillen: Every Dream is New

Michael C. McMillen's "The Entropic Taxi; Final Destination" at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Hans Memling:

"Face to Face: Flanders, Florence and Renaissance Painting" at the Huntington

Adam Miller:

Adam Miller: Towards a Contemporary Mythology

Justin Mortimer:

A Painter Who Cuts Up Figures with "Knife Edge-Stuff" 

John Nava:

John Nava: The Timelessness of Now

John Nava: Selected Portraits at the Vita Art Center

Royal Nebeker:

Royal Nebeker: "Life is but a dream..."

Robert Neffson:

Robert Neffson: "The City Reflects Us"

Odd Nerdrum:

An Update and Commentary on Odd Nerdrum's Harsh Prison Sentence

Odd Nerdrum: Scrotum and Taboo

When Art Worlds Don't Collide: TRAC 2014 and the Whitney Biennial

'Pupils of Apelles' at Copro Gallery: One Cult, Two Masters

Janice Nowinski:

Janice Nowinski: Naughty Postcards and the Man by the River

Manuel Ocampo:

Manuel Ocampo: Manila Vice

Georgia O'Keeffe:

Georgia O'Keeffe: "Modern Nature" at the Hyde Collection

Nathan Oliveira:

In Memoriam: Nathan Oliveira, 1928-2010

Legacy in Continuum: Bay Area Figuration

Nathan Oliveira: A Mentor and a Friend

Nathan Oliveira's Final Visions

Nathan Oliveira: Forgetting the Self

MASKS and Other Spectral Presences: Prints by Nathan Oliveira, 1952 – 1972

Eric Orr:

Eric Orr and Elizabeth Orr: Crazy Wisdom

Inside Eric Orr's "Zero Mass" at MCASD La Jolla

Sandy Ostrau:

Sandy Ostrau: "Improvisations" at Thomas Reynolds Gallery

Siddharth Parasnis:

A Conversation with Siddharth Parasnis

Hearne Pardee:

Hearne Pardee and Gina Werfel: [ he said, she said...] at Adler and Co.

David Park:

A David Park Drawing: A Gift

David Park: A Painter's Life

Edith Park Truesdell: David Park's Mentor and Ally

Legacy in Continuum: Bay Area Figuration

Michael Pearce:

Michael Pearce: Rescuing Beauty

Rod Penner:

Rod Penner: Rust on Poles, Crumbling Asphalt, Light Hitting  the Grass

Rod Penner at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

Pablo Picasso:

Picasso and Braque: Cubism Revisited in the Age of the iPad

Picasso's Recession Proof Harem

Jennifer Pochinski:

Jennifer Pochinski at the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts

Jackson Pollock:

Selling Iowa's Pollock Mural: A Zen Buddhist Perspective

What Makes a Jackson Pollock Painting Worth Millions?

Astrid Preston:

Astrid Preston: New Territory at Craig Krull Gallery

David Prifti:

David Prifti (1961-2011): In Memoriam

Nadine Robbins:

An Alluring Woman with Fries and McDonaldization in Art

Mark Rothko:

At the Rothko Chapel: Art, Meditation and Reverence

Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin:

A Conversation with Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin

Julia Schwartz:

A Conversation with Julia Schwartz

Peri Schwartz:

Peri Schwartz: "Painting is Like Breathing for Me."

Steve Sas Schwartz:

Insanity: The Story of a Painting

Richard Serra:

On Taste, Richard Serra and the Green Eggs and Ham Syndrome

Hassel Smith:

Hassel Smith: A Free Spirit Remembered

Hassel Smith: The Painter of Persistent Challenges

Timothy Robert Smith

Timothy Robert Smith: "Kaleidoscopic Realism" at Copro Gallery

Daniel Sprick:

When is a Nude OK on Facebook? 

Daniel Sprick's Fictions: Recent Works at the Denver Art Museum

Kyle Staver:

Kyle Staver: A Brother Honored

Kyle Staver: Into the Mythological Zone

Vonn Sumner:

Vonn Sumner: Somewhere Else

Jon Swihart:

Jean-Léon Gérôme is his Master

Sadegh Tirafkan:

In Memoriam: Sadegh Tirafkan (1965-2013)

Wayne Thiebaud:

Wayne Thiebaud: Memory Mountains

David Tomb:

David Tomb: The Art of Saving the Great Philippine Eagle

Marc Trujillo:

Fast Food Art vs. Slow Food Art

Marc Trujillo: North American Purgatory

Rogier Van Der Weyden:

"Face to Face: Flanders, Florence and Renaissance Painting" at the Huntington

Nicola Verlato:

Nicola Verlato: "Pagan Pop" at Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Tim Vermeulen:

Tim Vermeulen: Speaking to Shared Experience

Nathan Walsh:

Nathan Walsh at Bernarducci Meisel

Conor Walton:

Conor Walton: Contemplating Higher Things

Andy Warhol:

Jerome Witkin:

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